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3rd SmartDelta plenary meeting in Västerås, Sweden

The 3rd SmartDelta plenary meeting was hosted by the Swedish consortium of the project in the city of Västerås. The meeting took place from Mar 14 – Mar 16, 2023. The three days of the meetings were hosted by three different organizations on different premises. Alstom hosted the SmartDelta consortium on the first day, the second day of the meeting was hosted by Mälardalen University (MDU), and the last day of the meeting was hosted by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

The first day of the meeting started with a talk from Magnus Forsén—Director of Engineering, Alstom, Nordics. The talk detailed the various engineering challenges Alstom is addressing with its impact on the environment. The coordinator (Mehrdad Saadatmad from RISE) welcomed the consortium and provided an overview of the project. This was followed by partners presenting their use case and a brief overview of their achievements in the project in the first year. Yuriy Yevstihnyeyev—Technical lead, Vaadin, Finland— presented their use case in Work Package (WP) 1 that focused on various aspects of their development process, including issue classification and issue severity prediction. Benedikt Maximilian presented the use-case of on energy consumption across product builds and versions and gave an overview of progress so far. Martin Hess—Software AG, Germany— also presented a similar use case on issue classification and management. Furthermore, Hakan Kilinc—NetRD, Turkiye— presented their work on AI-based fault and performance analysis in the cloud. Finally, Zulqarnain Haider—Alstom, Sweden— and Jean Malm—Mälardalen University, Sweden— presented the Alstom use-case and a solution based on static analysis respectively. The day continued with Juan Miguel Gomez (UC3M) leading discussions on WP2, which focuses on model generation and evolution in a version and variant-intensive context.

Mälardalen University hosted the second day of the meeting. The second day of the meeting started with Eduard Enoiu introducing the university and kicking off the session on WP3 of the project which focuses on delta-oriented quality attribute evaluation. The day continued with some technical talks in the scope of WP3 and WP4 which focuses on quality improvements and recommendations for version and variant-intensive systems. As part of the second day, Miroslav Bures—Technical University of Prague— also introduced their research group and their work on model-based systems development. In addition, Ural from Dakik led the discussions on the visualization dashboard for the SmartDelta project (WP5). Finally, the day concluded with a visit of the consortium to the Alstom train vehicle repair and maintenance site in Västerås, called ‘Lokis’.

The third day of the meeting was hosted by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and was focused on WP6 regarding dissemination and project management. Dissemination and exploitation strategies were discussed per SmartDelta partner.