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D5.1 – State of the Art on Software Quality Visualization

Visualizations are key to understanding complexities driven by loads of data generated by modern software-based systems. Modern ways to develop software-based systems tend to focus on delivering quick value to the end customer. Doing so is made possible by software development paradigms of agile and continuous development with the support of an ever-increasing set of supported tools. While the focus is on delivering quick value to the end customer, development teams are in a need to rapidly reduce wasteful effort, to anticipate problems in advance and to resolve quality issues efficiently. This deliverable is driven by this need to draw a picture of state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice methods, tools and technologies for visualizing software development artefacts, software evolution and system properties. The contents of this deliverable are driven by SmartDelta’s consortium partners representing some of the leading universities, technology, and complex system providers in Europe. In this deliverable, we cover visualizations supporting quality of requirements, design, code and testing as well as visualizations supporting monitoring and diagnostics through log analysis. We further focus on visualizations supporting system properties of performance & resource consumption and security & privacy. The deliverable also contains a snapshot of the existing technology stacks targeting visualizations. Overall, the deliverable provides a bird’s-eye view of existing visualization research and enabling technology in the domain to enhance quality in the development of complex software-based systems.